FOF Group

FOF GROUP is a comprehensive group integrating the development / operation of cryptocurrency, foreign exchange futures, smart contracts, blockchain, etc.

About FOF Swap

Users can contribute to the development of the ecosystem in a variety of ways in perfect Defi Platform.

Using FOF coins to mine interest while holding and staking NFT.
A continuous increase in value is expected when listing on major exchanges is linked with the foundation.

Through an audit by Knownsec(the world's most authoritative blockchain audit company) , get credit for a Defi trading platform.

Depending on the amount of coins you have deposited, you can receive NFT (mining resources) to mine BNB or mFOF to earn interest. And your NFT can be bought and sold in the market.

Supports most of the personal cryptocurrency wallet services users used, allowing for deposits and withdrawals.


Coin listed
on FOF Swap

Staking and mFOF
mining with NFT

Staking FOF and mFOF is used to mine major coins (BNB).

Mining System

FOF SWAP users can contribute to the development of the ecosystem in a variety of ways (such as FOF staking, mFOF-BNB swap, mFOF staking, etc.)

Depending on the contribution rate of the users, you can receive BNB or mFOF as a reward


Ngel Partners
Various Financial Platforms

Certificate of Incorporation
1) Labuan Financial Services Authority
2) Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Business Companies Act

FX Trading / Copy Trading

A part of the NFT sales revenue contributes to the increase in FOF value




Expansion of usage


Expand Metaverse Project With expansion of usage


Project coin

Introduction of use in financial platforms


Project coin

Listing on 10 major exchanges


Start Metaverse project


BSC-based project coin issuance


Listing our coins on the exchange platform

AML / KYC Policy

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